Invest in good style, earn a lot and safely

Investments in commercial real estate is the latest financial hit. There is an alternative to the overheated, risky housing and short-term rental market as well as the so-called condo hotels that have been popular for many years. A safe and, most importantly, forward-looking alternative. Investment in commercial premises is a capital investment option that is growing in popularity and becoming more and more available to people who have not been previously associated with the construction industry. So what to do to earn 7% per year and at the same time have a “modern and fashionable portfolio”?

The answer is quite simple – become the owner of a commercial premises, in which the business will be run by a recognised brand of, for example, the food, clothing or cosmetics industry, such as Biedronka, KIK or Rossmann. Although it is a relatively new business model, there are already a few companies on the market that provide the investor with comprehensive care. After all, the path to your income should not lead through a complex process of building, commercialisation and maintaining your premises. All tasks are on the side of experts, while the customer is only to enjoy the profit from the time the park is put into use. – “Together with our strategic partner, EDS Retail Park, we are dealing with the search for areas for investment, construction, commercialisation and maintenance of retail parks. Last year, we completed projects exceeding 10,000 sq. m of rental area, with the value of investment of several dozen million zlotys. Plans for 2019 are investments with a total area exceeding 37,000 sq. m” – explains Michał Nowak, President of the Supervisory Board of Higasa Properties. – “Independence at the stage of the construction of a retail park is our great asset. Thanks to this we also know that we offer the best product. Investors looking for ways to invest capital receive “tailor-made” solutions for increasing their capital. We have prepared a number of possibilities, such as purchasing premises or even a whole commercial facility. We have solutions also for people who do not want to take investment risks individually. However, regardless of the option selected, we are interested in real profit for the client” – adds Nowak.

So what guarantees multiplying the paid capital? Above all, the carefully selected location of the retail park. The facilities have from approximately 1200 to 4000 sq. m, large car parks, and all premises have an independent entrance. They have very good transport connections and the investment is supported by the analysis of the potential of the local market. Meeting the above conditions means that finding tenants such as Rossmann, Media Expert, Pepco or Biedronka is not a problem. They are leading brands on the Polish market, consistently building their strong position. Having a finished product, the value of which is also supported by the involvement of such potentates, the role of an investor who can engage his or her savings begins, and currently the annual rate of return is 7%.

The business model described above, offered by Higasa Properties, has a significant advantage over the competition. – “The investor knows exactly where their money is located. To illustrate – the investor knows the exact address, they can get in a car, go to a specific town and see what they have invested in and where their capital “works”. Investing in retail parks is already popular in the west, it is time for it to become fashionable in Poland. And I assure you that it is not a fashion for one season” – says Michał Nowak.


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