Invest and make your dreams come true

Dreams and plans – indispensable elements of every beginning year. While the implementation of some of them depends mainly on the strength of our will and determination, some require resources and well-thought-out investments. Higasa Properties is up to the challenge.

Based on my experience resulting from work with investors, I know that nothing builds the certainty of well-placed capital like investment in durable goods. Hence the substantial and well-established belief that it is worth buying real estate, works of art or precious metals. The unflagging popularity is accompanied by a sort of fashion, but also the opinion of friends and the environment. What is pretty, what attracts us with beautiful, imaginative advertising, essentially refers to the sphere of our dreams.

Everyone has dreams, more or less material, and examples are countless. For some, it will be the health of their loved ones, safety of their children, traveling, their own house, or a better car. Often, our dreams turn into goals the implementation of which requires more funds. Of course, you can count on a stroke of luck, but meanwhile you can take small steps yourself to achieve them. How? The answer can be found in investing in commercial facilities.

I strongly advise you to detach from your emotions for a while when making your dreams come true. They give you wings, that is true, but sometimes instead of bringing you closer to your goal, they cause you to be further away from it. We can agree that, at first glance, buying a room in a condo hotel or investing in yet another property is much more attractive and more appealing to the imagination than spending money on a building with shops. Oddly enough, something not entirely predictable is much more attractive to us. But is reliable security, passive and profitable profit of 6-7% per annum, and an investment period of up to 2 years not attractive? In addition, our model is based on a real investment. There is no risk of buying a pig in a poke. We have carefully anticipated potential threats. There are strong arguments in favour of Higasa Club – together with our strategic partner EDS Retail Park, we have already opened two retail parks – in Opatów and Debrzno. Biedronka in Legnica is about to receive its first customers. For each of these facilities, we invited a small group of up to ten investors. Each of them knows exactly in what he or she is investing – real estate operating at a given address, with guaranteed long-term contracts with tenants.

To sum up: investing in commercial real estate is a way to protect capital, and to implement your plans with small but safe steps. It is based on simple principles. The capital is invested in a retail park precisely indicated in the contract, in which stores of well-known chains operate. It is hard to find a more “tangible investment”. We do not sell dreams, illusions, beautiful pictures. Retail parks might not be beautiful in terms of their appearance, but they are beautiful in that they bring real money. For example, if you invest PLN 100,000, you are sure to obtain PLN 6.5 thousand per annum. Even after deducting the tax, it is a sum that allows you to make your dreams come true.


Joanna Kaszubowska – Real Estate Wealth Manager, expert in the premium real estate industry, including commercial real estate. She gained professional competence when working, among others, with Poland Sotheby’s International Realty, where she was also involved in building clients’ investment portfolio.


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