Interview with the Investor – an income property on order

Buying real estate is a very popular way of investing our savings. Most often, private investors choose residential properties and apartments for rent or so-called CondoHotel. Investment in commercial premises is another opportunity to invest capital, which is now becoming more and more available to people not previously associated with the construction industry. An interview with Mr Paweł – the first person in Poland who, in cooperation with the Gdansk office of Higasa Nieruchomości, used a unique service, an individual development of a profitable property project.

1. When and why did you want to invest in commercial real estate?

For several years I have been working as an ECA on foreign seafaring contracts. During this time, luckily I managed to collect a certain amount of savings. Since deposits in banks offer no real profits and I do not have time to observe the stock market, I started to look for available solutions to secure my capital. I wanted to have something tangible and at the same time generate a good rate of return and so I came up with the idea of ​​buying a rental space. The problem is that for a long time I could not find something that looks good, is located in a good location and generates any passive income. I understood that I need the help of a professional company, which is not only a commercial real estate seller, but also will be able to offer comprehensive services.

2. How did you get to the office of Higas Real Estate?

A friend I work with and know for years has recommended this company to me. Sam used her services, although in another area – help in finding a tenant, i.e. commercialization.

3. What was the cooperation process like?

At the first meeting, I told what resources I would like to spend on the investment, and of course how much I would like to earn. Thanks to the interview with Aleksandra, I learned how important, apart from the location, are the size of the building, the immediate neighborhood, or the standard of finishing. After several meetings and the search for a ready, standing premise, the idea appeared to develop or find a project for a commercial building that would meet my needs.
After a few months, we started construction, and today I have a return on this investment of over 9% per year.

4. Navigating in a new environment is never easy, so have you encountered any unexpected difficulties with this first project?

Of course, it was a lot, but each time I could count on the support of the Higasa Real estate office. The care of the office included the implementation of the real estate project and the organization of the construction process and cooperation with the developer. Besides, I got help with getting additional financing that I needed.

5. Do you intend to continue investing in this segment, or is it time to change, for example, to buy a flat for rent?

Apartments for rent do not interest me at current prices, since passive income would be much lower, irregular and uncertain. At commercial premises I have a contract with the tenant for at least a few years, and the costs resulting from the use are transferred to the landlord. Answering the question directly – yes, I intend to continue investing in this segment. Now I will try to use the group form of investing, because in this variant I need a smaller amount than last time. I know that the office of Higasa Real Estate is about to move with such a project, so I am waiting impatiently.


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