Higasa Club: safe, transparent investment

How to safely invest in commercial real estate? How to ensure profit and, most importantly, return on capital? How to find the most stable, transparent offer? The following text will provide clear answers to all of the above questions.

Trends, opportunities, pros and cons

The range of investment opportunities is substantial. Such well-known solutions as bank deposits and bonds are available, however, at the moment, the low interest rate is not tempting. Long-term rental of an apartment has been a very popular method for several years now, however, the currently high prices of apartment purchase and a long list of risks “eat up” high profit. Unreliable tenants, damage and expenses for renovations… all this means that, according to analyses, rental income is at the level of 4-5%. However, some of the condo hotel offers on the market feature high rates (7-10%) that were calculated in an unreliable manner or are unable to guarantee them.

Why choose Higasa Club?

Because it is a stable and unique solution among those existing on the market. For investors who do not wish to bear obligations of shareholders, such as general meetings, company registration procedures, etc., we have created joint investment, in which they provide credit for up to 2 years for an investment we carry out, in exchange for a stable profit of 6% per annum. We offer two types of guarantee out of three: bill of exchange, mortgage or pledge on shares in the company owning the property, depending on the amounts invested.

The capital is invested in a retail park, in which there are stores of well-known retail chains, such as Biedronka, Lidl, Rossmann or Pepco. The facilities are perfectly located and connected, but, first of all, they meet basic consumption needs. In addition, every investor knows exactly where and on what conditions his/her capital “works” and is sure that he/she enters a guaranteed investment. It is hard to find a more transparent model. As well as affordable – the so-called entry threshold for Higasa Club is PLN 50,000.

What is a guarantee of profit?

As an investment and consulting company, we are the operator of our retail parks. We sign multi-annual agreements with tenants, i.e. large retail chains. There are no footnotes or small print here. Higasa in Japanese means umbrella. We protect investors, taking to heart the rules derived from the culture of the Land of the Rising Sun – honour, conscientiousness and diligence.

It works!

Investing in commercial real estate in a similar model has been working in the West for years. These are the so-called REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust). Companies of this type lease purchased facilities, and they pay out to their shareholders about 90 percent of profit. Thanks to that, they are exempt from paying CIT. REITs operate in 36 countries around the world. In Europe, most of them are located in Bulgaria, Turkey, UK and France. So why should they not work in Poland, guaranteeing profit?


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