EDS Retail Park launches offensive in Poland

EDS Retail Park revealed plans for expansion on the Polish market. Only this year, the construction of retail parks with a total rental area of over 22,000 sq. m is planned. The first investment is EDS PARK Opatów, next projects will begin in the coming months, among others in Pomerania. A total of 12 investments are currently under preparation, recognisable thanks to the common part of the name “EDS PARK”. The company works towards independence– from the stage of search and acquisition of land in the best locations, to projects, obtaining permits, construction and commercialisation.

EDS Retail Park is engaged in the complete investment process related to the construction of retail parks in Poland and the Czech Republic. The company independently, comprehensively implements projects – from finding the best location of the plot, construction project, to the execution and commercialisation of the space. – “This element distinguishes us from the competition. Thanks to this, we act confidently, having full control over each stage. We are independent, self-sufficient, we act faster and we are also more credible to our partners. Such a policy brings results. Each of the dozen or so retail parks we are currently working on is commercialised in almost 100%, which is important even before the groundbreaking ceremony on the construction site” – emphasises Michał Nowak, President of EDS Retail Park.

Investments implemented by EDS Retail Park are characterised by recognised chain of tenants, obtained thanks to a thorough analysis of the location of facilities. Parks are created at voivodeship or national roads which are crucial for the region, in places with a perfectly functioning network of public transport links. They are often the first objects of this type in particular towns. This will be the case, for example, in Opatów, Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, where the construction of a park with an area of 1250 sq. m is underway. In the autumn, in EDS PARK Opatów, first stores in the town will open, including stores of the Rossmann and Pepco chains. Importantly, the rented areas will go to the investment market. The service in this scope is provided by Higasa Properties – a company that is a strategic partner.

Workers will appear on subsequent construction sites in the spring. – “In the coming months, investments will start, among others, in Pomerania, Lower Silesia and Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeships. In total, this year, we will build approximately 22,000 sq. m of retail space. In most cases, the project and construction documentation are ready, and the objects, as I mentioned, are almost completely commercialised. Tenants include nationwide retail chains as well as local entrepreneurs and service providers. All our investments are characterised by a perfect fit to the needs of the local market “ – explains Michał Nowak.

The next step in the development of the company is the Czech Republic. Advanced talks are underway on starting investment in Prague. The management board will regularly provide details.


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